Immigration and settling in the regions of Quebec

Eleanor Nash is an Outreach Officer at PROMIS, a non-profit community organisation that has been serving newcomers to Montreal since 1988. Eleanor is tasked with making links between PROMIS and organisations across Montreal so that newcomers are aware of PROMIS’ services and so PROMIS can work to better serve all newcomers’ needs.

Originally hailing from the United States, Eleanor received a two Bachelor’s degrees from Texas Christian University, in Political Science and French. After teaching elementary school for two years in Dallas, Texas, Eleanor moved to Montreal to pursue her Master’s in International Studies from the Université de Montréal. Her Master’s degree provided her with the opportunity to spend a year living in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, India to work on projects related to rural child vaccination and rural education. In addition to her work as an Outreach Officer for PROMIS, Eleanor is also currently pursuing a Master’s level certificate in Business Administration from Concordia University. She is particularly interested in Randomized Control Trials, Incentive-Based Interventions and Behavior Change, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Grassroots Community Organising.

Eleanor talked about PROMIS’ eight services on March 24th, which range from Settlement and Integration to Employment and Regionalisation to Family Support and beyond. In the form of custom consultations and group information sessions, PROMIS’ integration support services for new immigrants are free of charge. Geared toward individuals and families, PROMIS’ eight areas of action support immigrants, refugees, and their families at each step of their cultural, social, and professional integration.